Speeches & Workshops 

Keynote - 'I'll give you something to stare at."


Phyllida shares her story of sustaining facial scarring after an accident in Ghana and how she struggled with her self-esteem, body image and confidence. She discusses how she overcame her insecurities and went on to lead national campaigns and to wear her scars with pride.

Workshop - Your Body Image & How to Own it 

1hr workshop with teenagers & young adults on how to not hate your body. She gives practical tips on how to learn to love our bodies and 'see them as our vehicles, not villains'. She coaches on how to get the most out of life after trauma, and how to find strength in sense of self. 

"Best by far! Very empowering and Phyll was good at understanding and giving advice" 
- Teenage delegate
"What a wonderful talk! So honest, vulnerable and eloquent! Gave me so much to think about! “Scars are what you stamp on a marvel character to give you a bit more grit” - perfectly put!"
- Michelle Elman, Body Positive Activist. 
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